Call for Nominations for the 8th Annual African International Achievers Award

African Achievers Award was launched in 2006.

African Achievers International and partners, are encouraging the public to nominate outstanding nonprofits, socially conscious businesses, social enterprises, learning institutions and individuals for the 2013 – 8th Annual African Achievers Award, an accolade which aims to reward African in the philanthropic sector or those nonprofits and socially conscious business transforming lives in Africa from around the world. Nominees can be from any part of the world as long as the work they do is in Africa. Please nominate online

About the African International Achievers Awards [AfIA] (African Achievers Awards)

African Achievers Awards [AfIA] are the largest philanthropic awards ceremony of, by and about Africa, celebrating the greatest charitable achievements by nonprofit organizations, socially conscious businesses, and individuals worldwide. Their collective efforts have impacted the lives of millions in Africa and many people in countries worldwide.

The African Achievers Awards [AfIA] were started by David Ndiwanyu the CEO/Founder of Nile African Development in 2006 with a very simple goal – to put a public spotlight on amazing Africans and African charitable efforts in the West Yorkshire community. The first year (2006) nominations were only invited from charities, schools, colleges, universities and individuals from the West Yorkshire region of United Kingdom only. In 2007, nominations started rolling in from far and wider regions of United Kingdom including countries as far as Africa, USA and Europe. From that moment we realized that this is no longer a West Yorkshire UK event any more but a global one due to the thousands of nominations received from around the world, thus dubbing it the “Oscars Awards of Africa’s Philanthropy”. This year support and partnership of John & Elnora Ferguson Centre for African Studies (JEFCAS) at the University of Bradford was welcomed on board (still a supporter and partner) and an astonishing 550 people attended the event at the University of Bradford United Kingdom. From that day, something unique and special had been born for Africa and the World.

As African Achievers Awards grew, they considered the overwhelmingly positive response from the African community on the Continent and in the Diaspora, a decision was made to expand the categories and setup 2 regional offices in Africa one being Nigeria (West, Northern & Horn of Africa) and the other Kenya (East, Southern and Central Africa) coordinating, hosting nominations and vetting in each region, both under the Africa Region Director Amb. Inalegwu Frank Uji based in Nigeria.

In 2010, every country was eligible to host and participate in the African Achievers Awards [AfIA], establishing it as a truly international event. A staggering 1,850 nominations were submitted from 32 countries (Africa, Europe, UK and USA) and 2011 saw more than 2000 nominations and the African Achievers Awards for the first time moved out of the University of Bradford as the usual host venue to Hilton Hotel and was hosted by the CEO/Founder BEFTA Awards Pauline Long. Due to the growth of the Awards, a decision was reached to separate the program from the Charity Nile African Development and register a new company in the UK with the full responsibility of running and managing the awards and other related programs, thus African Achievers International an international company registered in England & Wales and now in Kenya. Nile African Development still remains the Charity arm of African Achievers International.

Now in its eight year, the AfIA Awards have become the largest philanthropic awards ceremony for Africa, and a celebration of the changing face of philanthropy in Africa and around the world. It recognizes nonprofits that are operating as efficiently as lean corporations, and for-profit enterprises who have built social responsibility into the essence of their mission and products. It celebrates creative applications of technology in a sector that has never been known for its technology adoption, and young progressive leaders who could become the next generation of wealthy CEOs, but instead have dedicated their lives to improving the lives of others.

This year we invite you to join the thousands of African charities, socially conscious businesses and individuals who will be participating in the African Achievers Awards from around the world and making a true impact in Africa and around the world.

Through our efforts we:

  • Shine a spotlight on those that are making exceptional progress and help generate public support for their projects.
  • Rally and provide support for those who need assistance
  • Highlight exemplars in the civil society community to promote the message that corporations and other organizations can “do well” by “doing good”.
  • Recognize the efforts of individuals and the members of the NGO community that are making exceptional efforts to honor their commitment to help achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.
  • Through recognition and fund development help support those smaller and individual efforts that are making an impact but do not have the reach to increase their success.
  • Recognize, grow and nurture exceptional African nonprofit organizations, socially conscious businesses and individuals worldwide to enable them achieve the greatest possible impact in their communities and also inspire more African people to become engaged in improving and create positive stories about Africa.
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