Why has Africa been so important for Global Pacific & Partners ?

Dr Duncan Clarke,
CEO of Global Pacific & Partners

What is the nature of your organisation?

We are a private advisory group, built on research and knowledge, with a suite of annual strategy briefings and landmark management conferences in world oil and gas with focus on Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, with thirty years-plus in the upstream industry, whilst we equally hold extensive database on world oil/gas and on the economics of Africa, on which we have been author for widely-acclaimed books (Africa: Crude Continent, and Africa’s Future– as well as a TV/Film Documentary made on Africa’s oil and gas. So we are diversified but highly focused and we have pioneered many facets within the world industry including dedicated and gratis Newsletters across the world.

How do you see your role?

Our firm has been active in building relationships in oil and gas between companies and Governments and National oil Companies across Continents over many years, and we undertake Roadshows as well as assist Private Clients in advisory practice whilst our renown PetroAfricanus Club has been active in Africa for over a decade. So in a sense we facilitated acreage and asset marketing and strategies, and high-level management interfaces across the corporate/state oil world.

How long have you been with Global Pacific & Partners, and where did it all begin?

I am the founder of the firm which began in its inception and origins in the late 1970s, whilst in the last two decades Babette van Gessel (Senior Partner) has been involved with our business in all spheres, and acts now as Deputy-CEO. Our origins trace back to Geneve and research ventures and joint ventures begun there, and our Conference suite dates from 1991 (our landmark Africa Upstream since 1994) whilst we have undertaken 22 years in the sphere of Strategy Briefings which are conducted worldwide.

What conferences are taking place this year and where will your first conference be?

We have a well-established conference suite – including on Western Africa, Eastern Africa, North Africa-Mediterranean-MidEast, and Africa Oil Week (24-29th November 2013) as well as on Asia and Latin America, for which details can be found on www.petro21.com

Why is Western Africa so hot right now and what can delegates expect from the 19th Western Africa Oil, Gas & Energy conference?

Our Conference in Windhoek, Namibia over 22-24th April showcases the potential in oil/gas and LNG from Morocco to South Africa and including the littoral states, whiles it features 30 speakers, and covers highly prospective exploration zones, onshore and offshore frontiers, and deepwater potential across 25 countries – half of Africa nearly.

Why has Africa been so important for Global Pacific & Partners ?

Our origins lie in Africa, for both Senior Partners, and where we have been active in economics and related sphere for over four decades, whilst we have had an office in South Africa since 1994, and many of our Team come from Southern Africa, whilst we have been active with all countries on the Continent, visited around 47 countries on business to date, and been intimately involved in the oil and gas industry across the continent, plus we have extensively published on Africa and conducted numerous Advisory mandates in and on the Continent, and not just its hydrocarbon industry.

What will be some of the highlights for this year?

Probably the continued interest in Africa both in economic growth terms and in hydrocarbons, as well as in intensified competition and corporate new entries into frontiers, notably Eastern Africa.

In what ways, do you think Global Pacific & Partners is meeting the needs and expectations of delegates that attend these conferences?

Our feedback from a wide range of delegates, sponsors and exhibitors as well as speakers is excellent, and has earned us the reputation as the No-1 player of our type in Africa and the global upstream, with the greatest longevity of a cross-continent suite of meetings, the deepest and most important Conference portfolio on Africa within the oil and gas industry, and an unrivalled position in strategy briefings, roadshows and social networking for corporate/state clients across the world.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for this invitation to be interviewed.

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