World Organization of Creditors took part in the United Nations thematic debates

April 15, Robert Abdullin – President of the World Organization of Creditors – took part in the thematic debates at the United Nations headquarters in New York. These debates were devoted to the issue of “Global Economic Governance”.

Prime ministers and ministers of the developed and developing countries of the world also became participants of this event. The discussions were held in the run-up to the meeting of Secretaries of the Treasury and Central Banks Governors from all over the world in Washington.

During the opening of the thematic debates the President of the UN General Assembly Vuk Jeremić pointed out that “with the onset of the global economic, financial and debt crisis, discussions on the ways of improvement of global economic governance and its efficiency became more frequent”.  Jeremić also made a note of the importance of General Assembly in this process. According to him, it is General Assembly which should serve as the springboard for strengthening the interaction between international financial and trade institutions of G20 member countries and other alignments for the purpose of solving their common problems.

General Assembly Vice President, Jan Eliasson, addressed G20 member countries and suggested allocating 0.7% of GDP by way of an aid to the UN Assistance Fund for further development of the countries facing a difficult economic situation.

Robert Abdullin –  President of WOC – on the debates: “There were extremely interesting speeches made by Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Ali Babacan, Minister for National Policies of Nicaragua government Paul Oquist and other high-ranking officials from different countries of the world;  they have expressed radically different opinions related to G20 and the future of the world”.

Discussions will be continued in May, 2013 within the framework of VI Astana Economic Forum in Kazakhstan. World Anti-crisis Conference (WAC) will be held in Astana under the auspices of the United Nations Organizations. Upon the results of WAC work there will be worked out recommendations on overcoming the world crisis for G-20 member countries.

REFERENCE: Non-profit Partnership, World Organization of Creditors (WOC) was established in 2009 to unify the creditors by well-established organizations with years of practical experience in the international financial market. WOC Research – is a project of the World Organization of Creditors (WOC) which analyzes the global and regional economies.

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