Africa’s Market for Digital English Language Learning Surges

English Language Mandates Help Drive High Growth Rate in Africa According to Ambient Insight

SEATTLE, April 26, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — With a 19.1% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for Digital English Language Learning products, Africa rrepresents a new and growing market for suppliers.

According to Ambient Insight’s Africa Market for Digital English Language Learning: 2011-2016 Forecast and Analysis, consumers are strong buyers in this region.

“Government policies regarding the official use of the English language and mandates for school systems designed to increase English language proficiency, are two major catalysts driving this growth,” said Sam S. Adkins , Ambient Insight’s Chief Research Officer.

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“In the wake of these mandates, there is now a significant shortage of English language teachers in several countries,” added Ambient Insight CEO, Tyson Greer . This is driving the demand for technology-based products and services, both self-paced products and live remote tutoring by native English-speaking teachers based outside the respective countries.

“In the last five years, governments in almost every country in Africa have launched initiatives to integrate technology into society, particularly into education and training,” said Adkins. “NGO’s are playing a key role in the adoption of Mobile Learning across the continent, including providing eReaders and partnering with publishers to supply localized content, digital books, and textbooks.”

The demand for business English is also increasing, particularly for specific industries and corporations that compete internationally, such as those in South Africa and Francophone countries.

In this Africa Regional Report, five-year revenue forecasts are broken out for South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. In addition to the revenue forecasts, this report includes an index of suppliers selling in the Africa region.

Digital English language learning is now a significant revenue opportunity for large and small suppliers. Targeting specific buyers in specific countries with particular product types is the key to generating revenues and suppliers will find those data in this report.


SOURCE Ambient Insight

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