ReneSola achieves MENA accreditation

The 1st dedicated exhibition for the PV and solar industries of the MENA region 3–5 September 2013
ReneSola, a leading global manufacturer of solar photovoltaic (“PV”) modules and wafers, has announced that a range of its PV modules have been accredited by TUV Nord, a leading German industry-certification body.
Dr. Bill Hou , ReneSola’s product director, commented, “We believe our modules are well suited for the climate of the Middle East. Their minimal degradation results in long life cycles and reliable power output. The TUV Nord certification, which reaffirms that the modules can withstand dusty and desert-like conditions, is a milestone for us. It shows our modules are capable of suiting several special climates, particularly those of emerging economies with communities spread over significant land masses, such as North Africa and the Middle East. Along with our presence in Saudi Arabia, the certification will help us increase our market share and bring innovative PV solutions throughout the region.”
“Everyone is turning to the Middle East for solar now” says Derek Burston, exhibition director, GulfSol 2013 (3-5 September), “as it’s realised that although MENA has been slower out of the blocks, it is now gathering momentum and is going to become one of the most important generating regions for solar power in the next 2-3 years. This is why the dedicated approach of GulfSol 2013 – the first solar only renewable exhibition to take place in the region – has caught the imagination of the industry” he adds.
To register your interest in attending this year’s inaugural exhibition, simply visit to apply online.

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