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Solar Site Design™ is a collaborative, cloud-based content management platform that offers a complete project development solution for experienced solar professionals – specifically for photovoltaic solar systems. The process powering Solar Site Design™ was built to streamline and reduce the soft costs of developing solar projects, including: customer acquisition, interconnection paperwork, and utility and municipality permitting paperwork.

With Solar Site Design™, the solar professional captures key information while performing a walk-through of the project site. Key information to capture while at the project site includes manual data input, pictures and detailed video of the surroundings. Once the data is captured, the solar professional clicks “Submit Now for Project Drawing”, and the data is synced directly to a team of experienced solar engineers ‘in the cloud’ who begin working on a complimentary project (feasibility) drawing. This initial drawing is a crucial part of the sales process, as it shows the customer the maximum solar capacity their property can accommodate.

When the project is ready to move forward, the solar professional can engage the Solar Site Design™ team who packages up an affordable, streamlined engineering and permitting solution customized for the specific project.

Professionals who download and use Solar Site Design™ to assist in growing their solar installation business will be a part of building a more sustainable world, and will be poised to accelerate the development of solar energy throughout the United States.

Solar Site Design™ is available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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