World Energy Congress, 2013

Event title – World Energy Congress, 2013
Location; Daegu, Korea
Date; 13-17 October 2013
Contact; Further details at and @WECongress

Since the first event in 1923, the triennial World Energy Congress has developed into the world’s premier energy gathering. The event provides an opportunity for executives to display their technologies and explore business opportunities. Addressing all sectors of the global energy industry, the theme of the 2013 World Energy Congress will be “Securing Tomorrow’s Energy Today”.  The breadth and strength of the speaker line-up reflect the Congress mission to include all stakeholder groups concerned with the future of the energy sector, from producers, explorers and developers through to regulators, distributors and end users. Delegates to the 2013 Congress will work together to identify the most effective means to address the energy trilemma,  a concept that captures the pressing energy concerns facing both the developed and developing worlds today:  energy security, the broadening of access to supply, and environmental responsibility.

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