Conergy P Series Solar Modules

As part of our solar energy product portfolio, Conergy offers its value series of photovoltaic panels. The Conergy P Series Photovoltaic Modules are versatile photovoltaic panels that offer an excellent balance of reliability, efficiency and value. Cost-Effective Photovoltaic Panels As a highly-cost effective solar energy solution available in a range of formats and power classes, the Conergy P series photovoltaic modules are suited for a wide variety of applications. With their high yields and long-service-life design, they are versatile enough for all project scales – from residential to utility-sized.

Photovoltaic Panel Manufacturing
Through Conergy’s strong understanding of quality assurance and extensive vertically-integrated solar module manufacturing experience, Conergy has carefully qualified several first-tier photovoltaic panel manufacturers to produce Conergy P series modules. Through our distinct specifications, quality assurance processes, and finished goods inspection procedures, we apply our first-hand knowledge and experience of module manufacturing and quality control to ensure that our Conergy P manufacturing partners produce modules worthy of the Conergy name. All Conergy P series production is certified to ISO 9001 international quality standards. 

Photovoltaic Panel Quality
We maintain strict quality standards and tight acceptance controls for all specifications of the finished photovoltaic panels. Any panels that do not meet our strict specifications may be sold under another label, but will never become a Conergy photovoltaic panel. The result is increased confidence that Conergy P series photovoltaic panels meet or exceed all published performance and reliability specifications. 

Engineering and Production Controls
Conergy has a rigorous vendor qualification process that is lengthy and comprehensive. Conergy PV module manufacturing experts spend weeks at each production facility to ensure that the processes employed at the photovoltaic panel production site meet our precise specification. Further, regular audits of qualified suppliers ensures production processes remain in compliance with our requirements. Finally, every module shipment from all suppliers is subject to a multi-point inspection and acceptance program. Conergy also maintains its own photovoltaic research and testing lab in Germany allowing us to continuously and precisely monitor every component in the finished solar module. 

Photovoltaic Panel Warranty
As a result of stringent engineering and quality procedures, Conergy provides an objective 90%/10-year – 80%/25-year output warranty on its Conergy P series photovoltaic panels. In contrast to many competing modules, whose output warranty is subject to the manufacturer’s assessment and “sole discretion,” Conergy accepts testing data from any qualified 3rd party testing laboratory. This ensures that the assessment of any Conergy module performance warranty claim is fair, impartial, and transparent. In addition, the warranty for Conergy P series solar panels is fully backed and serviced by Conergy alone, simplifying service claims, decision turnaround times, and logistics. 

Conergy Support for Photovoltaic Panels
Conergy is a local company backed by global strength. We have sales and support staff located close to our customers. Product support and warranty claims for Conergy P series photovoltaic panels are conducted exclusively with local Conergy staff, and not with a manufacturer on the other side of the world.

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