Conergy SunTop IV Mounting System

From the design stage, Conergy SunTop was engineered to provide value to wholesalers, business owners, installers and homeowners. Conergy engineered components that improve the structural quality of the mounting system, all while simplifying the installation, design, quoting and inventory process. SunTop components are intuitive to use and easy for installers to quickly standardize on. Since all of Conergy solar energy mounting systems use the same components, an installation crew that standardizes on SunTop can quickly standardize on other Conergy solar energy mounting systems.

SunTop: A solar mounting system with unparalleled simplicity

  • Universal Quickstone – “The Intelligent Nut” – Globally-patented design enables quick, hassle-free installation with a 6 mm Allen wrench being the only tool needed
  • Interchangeable Parts for all Rail Types – Lower total parts count reduces the learning curve and simplifies inventory management
  • Pre-assembled Components – Speeds installation and reduces the number of loose parts on the roof
  • Telescopic End Rails – Simplifies installation by eliminating the need to cut rails at the jobsite, reduces waste and scrap and improves safety
  • Simplified Grounding Solution – Our custom grounding solution developed in conjunction with Wiley Electronics speeds grounding and eliminates the need for drilling and wiring. 

SunTop: A solar mounting system that leads the industry in versatility and capability

  • Design Flexibility – Availability of four rail profiles means designs can be optimized as needed, from maximizing spans while minimizing roof penetrations to decreasing material costs.
  • Roof Attachments and Tilt Units – Multiple types of roof attachments are specifically designed to ease installation on all common roof types. Tilt units accommodate pitched module installations on flat roofs.
  • Structural Strength – All components are meticulously engineered to provide strength and value. Splices and telescopes maintain full structural strength across the rail segments and require no drilling to install. Four rail sizes enable optimized strength-to-cost ratio for any application. 

SunTop: A solar mounting system with improved planning and management capabilities

  • Comprehensive Quick Configurator Software – Fully code-compliant and customized system design tool enables design optimization for strength, cost, roof penetrations and other key criteria. Layout drawings, calculation assumptions and results, and professional engineer certification reports are easily generated for any given design.

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