May 6, 2013

A.M. Best’s Leading Analysts Discuss the Global Reinsurance Sector, London Market and Medical Professional Liability Insurers

A.M. Best Company is the world’s oldest and most authoritative insurance rating and information source.


A.M. Best Co.’s latest episode of “First Monday” features commentary pertinent to the global reinsurance industry by A.M. Best’s leading analysts. Click on to view the video program.

The May 2013 episode of “First Monday” includes:

· The Growing Reinsurance Role of Third-Party Capital: Managing Senior Financial Analyst Greg Reisner, Senior Financial Analyst Gale Guerra and Financial Analyst Scott Mangan discuss how the global reinsurance sector is doing financially, and how it is managing an influx of new capital to a market already saturated with it:

· Capital Management a Priority in London Market: Catherine Thomas, director of analytics at A.M. Best Europe – Rating Services Ltd., says London Market insurers benefited from rate increases and improved investment earnings in 2012, but that capitalization concerns among market participants remain given the economic environment:

· Medical Professional Liability Line in Good Condition: Assistant Vice President Henry Witmer explores how the medical professional liability line continues to outstrip the rest of the property/casualty sector, but notes that the market faces some serious challenges, including pricing pressure, heavy M&A activity and uncertainty over the impact of health care reform:


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