Home affair as funds bar regional participation

KAMPALA, UGANDA – The 14th edition of the East and Central Africa Inter-Cities basketball championships that was held in Kampala last week was a mediocre show after key regional participants failed to turn up due to lack of funds.
The tourney brings together teams from the cities of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Egypt and South Sudan.
Action at the Inter cities tournament that was held last week. But financial problems forced out Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania teams while defending champions Kenya’s Nairobi only sent the women to defend their title, two men’s teams Mogadishu and Galkayo made it from Somalia.
Language barrier hitched the participation of South Sudan and Egypt because the organizers don’t speak Arabic and the invited teams couldn’t speak English either, that way communication broke down.
This meant that local teams had to find nearest townships and asked them to take part in the tournament making it  a home affair. Teams from Jinja (eastern Uganda), Entebbe and Mukono (central Uganda) were crafted in to make the numbers.
The organizers themselves lacked money; it was an awkward moment seeing teams play in jerseys used in the league well as Kampala team A donned on Uganda basketball national team jerseys. This was a weakness caused by lack of finances and poor preparations.
Until the last minute the hosts Kampala Capital City Authority were only hoping to secure sponsorship from an unnamed firm which never came through, it was always going to be hard to stage a tourney without a sponsor.
Asked what the prizes were, Joy Oringa, a member of the organizing committee was non committal preferring to wait for sponsorship to come up with the list of prizes.

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