Tanzania Pepsi maker sees bright future

DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – SBC Tanzania Limited, the local Pepsi products maker, has said that it sees a bright future for its brands as it keeps growing.
SBC said that it is best positioned to leverage the future potential of Tanzania as a booming economy and looks forward to being closely associated with the country’s prosperity.
This was during the county visit of the Chief Executive Officer for PepsiCo Asia, Middle East and Africa, Saad Abdul Latif, who had also a dialogue with the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and marketing, Ms. Joyce Mapunjo.
Latif said PepsiCo, the sister company of SBC Tanzania, is committed to ensuring that customers are able to enjoy international quality products at pocket friendly prices.
“Over the years we have shown constant innovation in the way we have been serving the consumers and have Crates of soda piled outside a deportbeen rewarding their loyalty to our brands through various programs,” Latif said.
He said that SBC has pioneered efforts to launch Can Vending Machines and Beverage Dispensing Machines across various locations as a part of their endeavor to modernize the way, consumers are served in the market.
He said that while expanding the manufacturing facilities, we keep a hawk’s eye on our quality processes guided by the stringent standards of Pepsico International.
The success of our operations have been attributed to our committed sales and marketing efforts, having invested a huge amount of time and money to expand the width and depth of our reach both in terms of product availability and awareness programs of our brands, he said.
PepsiCo has reported core earnings per share of $0.77 for the first quarter, an increase of 12% on organic revenue growth of 4.4%.
“We are greatly encouraged by the strong start to 2013.  We delivered solid organic revenue growth and double-digit core EPS growth in the first quarter, driven by our balanced food and beverage product and global geographic portfolio,” Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi said.
SBC has recently started a new modern Pepsi manufacturing facility at Nairobi, and the response from the consumers is encouraging, he said.
During the tour which was part of the East Africa regional visit that includes Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, Latif was accompanied by the President of PepsiCo’s Middle East and Africa, Sanjeev Chadha.

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