Tullow Oil grooms women high flyers

KAMPALA, UGANDA – London listed energy resources firm, Tullow Oil,  is now supporting qualified Ugandan women to take up highly skilled and specialized roles that will see them involved in the growth of Uganda’s oil and gas sector.
Among the key capacity and development training programmes, the firm embarked is enrolling young talented Ugandn women who are now pursuing careers as petroleum engineers.
Among the beneficiaries are; Joan Namukasa, Susan Namuganyi and Susan Musiime Okello.
The three are pursuing careers as drilling engineers and are currently undergoing extensive technical training.
The programme is internationally recognized and rewarding with experience guaranteed across the globe in countries where Tullow Oil Plc operates.
So far, the three Ugandan Drilling Engineers have attended a total of 8 training courses in various countries all over the world such as Scotland, England, Ghana, France and United States of America.
“The technical trainings and mentorship opportunities they have received have not only empowered them as individuals, but are nurturing them into well groomed female engineers instrumental to the country’s national development,” said Tullow Uganda’s spokesperson, Cathy Adengo.
Joan Namukasa said, “A career in Petroleum Engineering is hugely interesting and I would love to see more women in the profession, because it is truly a rewarding experience,”
Joan joined Tullow in 2010 and is part of the Graduate Drilling Engineering Training Program where graduate engineers spend time at Tullow’s various field sites and gain relevant operational experience.
She is in charge of producing daily drilling operations reports in a system dubbed ‘Well View’, following up on the Persons on Board (POB), preparing mud reports and project cost estimates, preparing the 24 hours look ahead and also following up on the service companies.
Her development program requires her to be at the rig site to learn about the drilling operations as per the design, program, and detailed procedure of the well. This is because at the office they do the design, the program and the detailed procedures. While on site they ensure that the programs and procedures are followed to the letter by the service companies and the drilling contractors.
The second talented well engineer on this programme is Susan Musiime-Okello, who also joined Tullow in 2010 as a Graduate Drilling Engineer fresh from university after pursuing a Masters in Petroleum and Environmental Process Engineering with no experience in the Oil and Gas industry.
Tullow was keen to develop and enhance her skills through training in various subjects of the oil industry as well as enable her obtain the required hands-on experience required to make her a competent Drilling Engineer.
In light of this, she spent the most part of the first year  and the following years with Tullow working at the rig sites in Uganda (such as Kigogole-6, Nsoga-2, Ngege-3 and Waraga-1), being part of, participating and learning from the drilling operations as well as the experienced personnel conducting the operations, who are  always more than willing to help.
In addition, her role involves offering support to the field from the office in Kampala, under the supervision of the more senior Drilling Engineers.
The third talented Ugandan lady is Susan Namuganyi who joined Tullow as a graduate drilling engineer in 2011 and has since then developed into a Wellsite Drilling Engineer with immense opportunities at her disposal in her current role.
Since her enrollment in the training program, Susan has worked on land rigs in Uganda (onshore) and on deepwater projects in Ghana (offshore).

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