Father's Day Gift Guide [SPONSORED POST]

DeWalt – Father's Day Gift Guide
It’s that time of year again when we express our appreciation for dear old dad. If your father is like most, he can be difficult to shop for. But don’t panic, DEWALT has your back with some great gift ideas that will make the most fastidious father jump for joy.

Whether your dad is a licensed contractor or just likes to work on that old ’66 Chevrolet Camaro, DEWALT’s Father’s Day lineup will equip him with the most professional tools on the block.

Pear Head Ratchet(s)
Drive Socket Set(s)

Every self-respecting man needs a good ratchet and socket set. They’re ideal for removing or tightening bolts and nuts and are great for automotive repairs, appliance installation, and furniture assembly. Maybe mom wants a new pergola built for the backyard, well the best tool for the job would be a new ratchet and socket set. Instead of just using a nail or a screw, tell dad to fasten the crossbeams with heavy gauge nuts and bolts with his new Pear Head Ratchet and that pergola will have the added strength to last for years.

The Pear Head Ratchet from DEWALT comes in three convenient sizes to meet dad’s needs (1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″). And the socket sets are available in 23 or 25 piece sets with a ratchet and convenient socket rail to help keep that drawer organized.

The whole lineup comes with a lifetime warranty, a chrome vanadium steel construction that adds strength & durability which offers a three times longer life than a typical ratchet, contoured, ergonomically designed handle with anti-slip grooves for comfort & control and a low profile directional lever for one-hand operation.

So, if you’re dad has a drawer full of sockets but his ratchet has seen it’s better days, grab him a one of DEWALT’s Pear Head Ratchets or if he’s in need of a whole new set grab him one of the Drive Socket Sets.

10 pc. Combination Wrench Set(s)
Along with a hammer and screwdriver, a wrench set is the backbone of every great tool kit. The 10 piece Combination Wrench Set from DEWALT comes in either MM or SAE and is incredibly versatile. Each wrench features an anti-slip design that locks the wrench onto the fastener and helps prevent slippage for 400% more gripping power.

10 pc. Reversible Ratcheting Wrench Set(s)
So, your dad already has a wrench set? Then kick things up a notch this year and get him one of DEWALT’s 10 pc. Reversible Ratcheting Wrench Sets. Each 10 pc. Reversible Ratcheting Wrench Set comes in either MM or SAE. The ratcheting end reduces time spent reaching for those hard to reach nuts and bolts by creating continuous contact and the anti-slip design offers 400% more gripping power than a typical ratcheting wrench that helps reduce fastener damage and provides tons of torque.

Mechanics Tool Set(s)
There is nothing more frustrating for dad than being right in the middle of a project and not having the right tool for the job. But with one of DEWALT’s Mechanics Tool Sets he will never have that problem again. The Mechanics Tool Sets come in three sizes to meet any father’s needs: 118 piece, 156 piece, and 204 piece. It’s great for simple tasks like replacing a spark plug and fixing a flat tire or for more complicated projects like rebuilding an engine block.

Each set comes with crossed rings on the sockets to help reduce slipping, deep laser etched markings to help identify socket sizes easy, a ratchet with 5° arc swing and slim head design for maneuverability in constricted areas as well as a 72-tooth gear system for high torque ratcheting and much more.

So whether dad is a bit of a gear head or if he just needs a great tool set for projects around the house one of DEWALT’s Mechanics Tools Sets will definitely fill the bill.

Available only at Sears and sears.com these new tools are backed with a no-hassle lifetime warranty.


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