Denmark to launch new development programme for Zimbabwe

Denmark is planning to launch a new development programme in mid 2013 with substantial increase in budget  support for Zimbabwe, according to State Secretary of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr L.B.Petersen who recently visited the southern African country.

Petersen’s visit which marked the highest ranking visit from Denmark in years was meant to facilitate high-level consultations covering a range of issues.  “The visit is also an opportunity to launch the first case of direct support from a traditional donor to the government of Zimbabwe.Denmark will on a pilot basis launch direct support to the Judicial Service Commission in their rehabilitation of magistrates courts,” Petersen said.

Denmark is one of the major bilateral donors in Zimbabwe with a long history in the country going way back to the Nordic solidarity during the struggle for independence.

Petersen said that his government plans to spend approximately $40 million a year to support the government of Zimbabwe in various areas.

“We are currently in the process of formulating a new Denmark-Zimbabwe partnership programme for 2013-2015. The increased size and budget of the new partnership programme is a testament of our continued support to development in this country,” he said.

He added that a key priority in the programme is to contribute to the reduction of gender based violence in Zimbabwe.

“We do this through support to projects and programmes which address specific needs and concerns of women exposed to gender based violence,” Petersen said.

Some of the support will be channeled towards the agricultural smallholder sector,employment creation,value chain creation,promotion of good governance,rule of law and support to civil society.

According to Petersen, the Danish government has previously supported the government of Zimbabwe with $15,2 million for infrastructure rehabilitation under the Zimbabwe Multi-Donor Trust Fund (ZMDTF).

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