ASA getting its house in order – Majavu

Athletic South Africa (ASA) administrator Zola Majavu has said the beleaguered federation was well on the way to getting its house in order.

Majavu was giving a press briefing today about his progress on the job since taking office more than a month ago at Athletics house in Johannesburg.

“We are well on our way to turning the corner,” said Majavu.

“It’s not difficult to run athletics, we have achieved in less than two months what was not achieved for years by the previous board.”

Majavu has settled part of ASA’s debt with the taxman, paid staff salaries that were due to them and sorted out the pension funds debacle.

Most of the athletes who were owed prize monies have also been paid, he added.

According to Majavu, now that most of the “cleaning up” has been done, it was time to focus on the core business of ASA.

“There’s not enough money and that continues to be the threat but we are getting there. Boardroom shenanigans are not going to do anything good for ASA.”

The financial challenges at ASA have resulted in the Southern Region Youth Championships, which were due to be staged in South Africa, being shifted to Botswana because ASA cannot afford to host it, Majavu went on to say.

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