Solar PV Services – Technology Review

The solar PV industry continues to attrract a wide range of new companies and technologies. Each of these new entrants faces the daunting requiremnt to be come “bankable,” in other words, acceptable to financial institutions. DNV KEMA has developed a structured process by which we provide evidence that the product will function within the specified limits with an acceptable degree of confidence. DNV KEMA has worked with PV modules, concetrating PV systems, trackers, inverters and module-level electronics, providing technology reviews that contribute to the overall “bankability” of a product.

A two-stage technical evaluation process is applied to inverters, dc converters, trackers, PV modules and other PV balance-of-system components. The evaluations include separate reports for both internal company use and review, and a final update for select distribution to financial institutions and customers.

A technology review explores the following areas:

  • Product evaluation
  • Performance evaluation
  • Reliability evaluation
  • Manufacturing capability and maturity
  • Installation and O&M evaluation
  • Quality evaluation
  • Standards compliance evaluation
  • Warranty evaluation

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