BJ Solutions to Increase Jobseekers’ Success Rates By 50%

Jobseekers experiencing failures at clinching their dream job in the ever competitive job market may now have cause to smile. That’s because a new Job Solution firm, Bemjiro (BJ) Solutions Ltd, has promised to increase jobseekers’ success rates by as much as 50% by the first quarter of 2014.

The Co-founder and CEO of BJ Solutions, Ejiro Edeki, stated this Monday at the launch of its website in Lagos, Nigeria. He said   the outcome of their two years practical research on jobseekers’ success rates compelled his firm to enter into the industry.

“The outcome reveals how the number of jobseekers neither getting shortlisted for psychometric tests nor scoring interviews is increasing,”he said,  “and how those who do, rarely land their dream jobs.”

CEO Edeki said the reasons ironically are not always in jobseekers lack of relevant credentials. Often, he continued, they lie   in their tendency to indiscriminately grope for jobs instead of visually aiming at them methodically, their inability to discover their   potentials to perform the job, or where these are discovered, their inability to professionally show them in their CVs/Résumés, Cover Letters, Psychometric Test Scores and interview performances.

“Through employer-hooking creativity we inject into the architecture of our CVs/Résumés, interview-grooming and other array of services in our menu,” he said, “we will increase jobseekers success rates by 30% by the end of the fourth quarter this year, and 50% by the end of the first quarter next year.”

Bemjiro (BJ) Solutions Ltd is a job solution firm incorporated in 2012. It is located in Lagos, Nigeria, and   works in partnership with clients across the globe to market their human capital through CV/Résumé-crafting, Cover Letter-writing, provision of psychometric test-acing techniques, interview-grooming, and other strategic services it renders to meet their job-seeking needs.

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