March Against Monsanto – says No GMO South Africa

Say No to GMO.

That’s the message from the Group called, No GMO South Africa (NGSA).

The International Protest against MONSANTO is expected to include 41 countries, 330 Cities and over 200 00 people on Saturday, May 25, 2013.

According to NGSA, MONSANTO is a giant United States corporation who make Genetically Modified Organisms(GMOs), as well as many highly toxic chemicals including pesticides, plastics & artificial food additives.

NGSA adds, “They are solely responsible for the health disasters like Aspartame, DDT (Agent Orange, which deformed over 500 000 babies), rBGH (Bovine Growth Hormone) MSG & GMOs, amongst others.

The Group further explains a GMOs as, “ Unnatural plants or animals that have been created in laboratories. Peer-reviewed research has now proven a direct link between GMOs & at least 29 dreaded diseases, including hormonal defects, sterility, malformations (birth defects), DNA damage & a host of deadly cancers.

On the question Why We March, NGSA says the reasons for the march include:

To protect our food supply

To support local farmers

To spread awareness about the harmful effects of genetically modified foods

To promote organic solutions

To enforce the labelling of GMO ingredients

Also revealed in their pamphlet are the GMO ingredients and products. No GMO South Africa further notes that, “If you think GMOs don’t affect you then you are WRONG. If you are eating anything with the following ingredients in them then you, and your children, are probably eating GMOs: corn, maize, soy, alfalfa, cotton, sugar beets, gem squash, pees, potatoes, papaya, zuchinni and canola.”

Others GMO ingredients and products listed by NGSA include: Purity Baby Foods, Kelloggs Cornflakes, Amazon Cornflakes, Wheat-free Pronutro, Cerelac Honey Baby Cereal, Future Life, Pringles Chips, Snacker Bars, Jungle Oats Health Bars, Impala maize, Mini Cheddars, Jack o Popcorn, Snowflake Self-Raising Flour, Old El Paso Taco Kit Taco shells, a variety of breads including the international brand Woolworths breads… the list is endless!, according to No GMO South Africa.

The March is scheduled for 10am Saturday May 25, 2013 starting from the Keizersgracht Street next to Cape Peninsula University of Technology(CPUT) Cape Tech branch. Marchers are to meet on CPUT’s steps.

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