Boxing SA breaks its own rules

Boxing SA (BSA) has again contravened the laws governing the sport, this time in the much-hyped Premier Boxing League (PBL).

In its regulations, the SA Boxing Act states that there must be a promoter 30 days prior to a tournament.

But no promoter has yet been appointed for the first PBL show, scheduled for June 22.

The rules also state that the promoter must submit boxers’ prize monies to BSA 30 days before the event.

BSA director of operations Loyiso Mtya said the name of the promoter will be announced “once whoever it is has reached an agreement and signed with the PBL”.

He said there were two venues that have expressed interest in hosting the show, but a final decision still has to be made.

Mtya also told City Press there was a “third party” involved in the preparations but refused to say who it was.

He said this party had been involved in the PBL from the process of cutting down the number of boxers from 51 to the final 16 and “will work with us moving forward”.

Mtya said it was not the media’s business who the third party was.

“The media would cause confusion as the committee comprises people who are not involved in boxing,” said Mtya.

“As much as the media wants news as quick as you can, we have to sift through the information we provide to the public.”

Defending the decision to overlook tried-and-tested promoters for PBL shows, Mtya insisted the project “was about development promoters who will learn a lot and grow from promoting in the league”.

This view was echoed by the league’s boss Dicksy Ngqula, who said the decision behind development promoters over big guns was to make the league a “learning experience for everyone as this is not the usual and normal promotion”.

He insisted that promoters will comply with boxing rules and regulations.

Mtya believes the league is a PBL project and the BSA’s regulator role must remain limited to operational issues.

“As for the business side, they do what they have to do in conjunction with us just to ensure they are doing everything within laws governing the sport.”

Since PBL was a pilot project, mistakes were going to be made and “we will learn from them”, he concluded.

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