100 World Class South Africans: Ludwick Marishane

Awesome inventor

Carol Roth’s blog for The Huffington Post described Ludwick Marishane’s achievement as ‘a story about the journey of one kid who is in pursuit of changing the world.’

In 2011 the Entrepreneurs Organization, an elite band of global business hotshots, voted Marishane the best student entrepreneur in the world.

His invention, DryBath™ – a biodegradable, moisturising, germ-killing, bath-substitute lotion that requires no water – beat out 1 600 applicants from 42 countries.

For people with plumbing, DryBath might sound like cool camping gear; for the 2.5 billion people on the planet who do not have access to clean water, it’s a life-saver.

By the time Marishane, who grew up in rural Limpopo, completed his final year of business science at UCT, he had been named one of the 12 Brightest Minds in the World at the Google Zeitgeist conference, completed an  internship at Goldman Sachs, made the finals of the Singapore University Global Business Plan competition (in 2010) and DryBath under his belt.

Marishane had also established the headquarters for his company, Headboy Industries, from which he negotiates the sale of his now-patented technology.

Clients include airlines (for long-haul flights) and governments (for soldiers in the field).

The thinking is to donate a sachet of DryBath in impoverished areas suffering from water stress for every one sold to a multinational.

In a world where water and sanitation crises claim more lives through disease than any war claims through bullets, Marishane’s invention offers a blister pack of hope.

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