10 Stunning Underwater Photos

Best Overall

This ghostly photo of a harbor seal, snapped at a kelp forest at Cortes bank near San Diego, took the grand prize in the competition, and for good reason. Look at that seal! It’s like a hyper-stylized movie with a marine setting. Kudos and congrats to Kyle McBurnie of California.

University Of Miami/Rosenstiel School Of Marine & Atmospheric Science/Kyle McBurnie

Featuring a ghostly seal, a stylish crab, and more. You’re welcome!

Every year since 2005, the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science has judged a crop of photos for consideration in its Underwater Photography Contest. The winners and runners-up–in categories including wide-angle and portrait–are always unbelievable. We’ve collected our 10 favorites from the 2013 contest in the gallery here.


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