Ghana Gold Corp. Announces Planned Name Change to Brightrock African Mining Corporation

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla., June 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Ghana Gold Corp. (OTCMarkets: GGCO) announced today plans to change the name of the company to Brightrock African Mining Corporation.  The Company has acquired the domain address and is in the process of creating an updated web-site to facilitate disseminating updated information on the Company.

The Company has expanded operations significantly with the acquisition of Mining Concession in the Central African Republic.  The new “Bright Rock” name is part of a comprehensive program to grow the Company and to help shareholders and the public understand that the Company operations are no longer only Ghana based.

Senior Management is currently planning an on-site meeting in Africa in the near Future to expedite organization oversight for the expanding operations.  The Company expects to announce additional management team members and a phased growth plan to implement new mining operations in the foreseeable future.

“Ghana Gold  has changed and the management felt it appropriate to also change the name to highlight the significance of the recent developments in the Company,” said Mac Shahsavar , Chairman and CEO of Ghana Gold Corp. “This is a truly exciting time for the Company and its shareholders,” added Mr. Shahsavar.

About Ghana Gold Corp.

Ghana Gold Corp. is a gold exploration and alluvial gold production company with properties in the Republic of Ghana. Ghana Gold Corp. seeks to expand operations to other neighboring African countries, which have a great gold mining opportunities.

SOURCE Ghana Gold Corp.

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