Carlsberg Malawi goes facebook on Friday

Carlsberg Malawi announced today that Friday the 7th of June (7-10pm) has been set as the official launch date for the launch of the Carlsberg Facebook page. This will be the first foray onto the digital platform for Malawi’s beloved beer brand. Twikale Chirwa had this to say about this exciting and bold move for a brand that’s been around for the last 45 years: “For Carlsberg, we would like to connect, stay close to our consumers and share experiences. As a brand that thrives on innovation, Facebook is the way to do just that.

To celebrate this move, Carlsberg will host two great parties at the same time; A virtual party that will take place on our Facebook page and another one at Kaya Lounge in Blantyre.

“The Party will be the first of its kind as it will happen online and offline at the same time. Real-time feeds of what’s happening at the Kaya Lounge party will be posted on the page,” Chirwa said.

On the virtual link, Carlsberg fans ‘liking’ the page between 7 and 10pm, will be able to join-in the fun and lucky ones will win prizes various Carlsberg branded prizes. Patrons are also asked to dress like they’re on facebook and those that are best dressed will get to make their best impression with pictures uploaded on the Carlsberg Facebook page.

On the ground at Kaya Lounge, the party will be spiced up by FM 101’s Malick, who will be Video Jockeying at Kaya Lounge. This he says will be his first show to showcase his Vee-Jay skills and he promises Fireworks this Friday. All this with Real-time feeds of what’s happening at the Kaya Lounge party posted on Carlsberg Facebook.

Carlsberg fans are urged to join the party on Facebook and come to Kaya Lounge to experience the unveiling of the Facebook page.

Only people that are above 18 years are eligible to join the Carlsberg Facebook page. In addition, Carlsberg products are only sold to persons over the age of 18. Patrons at the party are urged to enjoy responsibly.

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