Mara, JS Groups, others to build float glass manufacturing plant in Nigeria

In a move to significantly contribute to remedying the shortage of domestically produced float glass, Egi MJG Float Glass, a joint venture between the Egi Community in River State, Mara Group, JS Group and Ghani Group, has announced the groundbreaking for their first float glass manufacturing plant in Nigeria.

Egi MJG Float Glass brings together international groups with complementary sector and local expertise. Mara Group is a multi-sector conglomerate with operations in 19 African countries. JS Group is an industrial conglomerate with investments primarily in developing economies throughout Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Ghani Group is a leading glass manufacturer with plants in the UAE and Pakistan, and a total production capacity of over 300,000 tonnes.

During the groundbreaking ceremony, Prashant Manek, director at Mara Group, said, according to a statement posted Friday on PR Newswire : “This project is a first step in making Nigeria self-sufficient in terms of glass manufacturing. As a result of the strategic location and the locally available raw materials, we are highly confident that we will be able to build a world-class, cost-competitive facility.”

The proposed plant is aimed at curbing Nigeria’s high dependence on imports from Europe, South America and China for float glass as domestic demand is increasing as a result of the country’s booming housing industry, and currently estimated at 360,000 tonnes per year.

The production facility in Rivers State aims to produce 500 tonnes of float glass per day for a variety of applications spanning from architectural solutions to the automotive industry. Key inputs and raw materials are abundantly available in the area, notably in terms of land, natural gas and silica sand. The total investment for the project will amount to $110 million during the first phase, and an additional $100 million during the second expansion phase.

Ali Siddiqui, chief executive officer (CEO), JS Group said the project was a strategic investment in the building materials sector in Nigeria, and Peter Scully, CEO of MJG EGI Float Glass, added that it would have a positive impact on the community in terms of employment and the redeployment of profits.

“We are extremely excited about the development of this plant, the employment it will create and the transformation it will bring to our community,” Oris U. Onyiri, president-general of the Egi People’s Assembly, said.

The land allocated for the Rivers State glass manufacturing plant belongs to the local Egi Community.


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