Labour broking reports ‘distorted’ – ANC

Reports that ANC MPs will oppose parts of the Labour Relations Amendment Bill dealing with labour brokers are “distorted”, the party said.

“The bill was presented to Parliament by the minister of labour after extensive deliberations by social partners at Nedlac (a business, civil society, labour and government association),” the office of ANC Chief Whip Mathole Motshekga said yesterday in a statement.

“We dismiss the distortion that these provisions are fait accompli (an accomplished fact) because they came from Nedlac.

“There has not been any decision by the portfolio committee on any clause in the amendment bill.”

Labour experts reportedly described moves by ANC MPs to oppose parts of the bill, which could result in labour brokers being banned, as “disastrous”.

“I don’t believe it. This is utterly beyond belief. What it means is that there has not been one single lesson learnt from Marikana or from the high levels of unemployment,” labour expert Andrew Levy was quoted as saying by Business Day yesterday.

He was asked to respond after ANC MPs in effect proposed a ban on labour brokers on Wednesday. Parliament’s labour committee was also swinging in favour of removing provisions for strike ballots and picketing rules, Business Day reported.

“Government is prepared to sacrifice anything and everything for a handful of votes. I have never seen such a disastrous move in all my 40 years of being involved in labour relations,” Levy told the paper.

Motshekga’s office said committee members from all parties were urged to consider views from the public consultation process and Nedlac on the bill.

“The ANC will avoid any push for a vote on any of the clauses, but will seek consensus on these issues with all the other political parties,” it said.

“We reiterate our commitment to end all practices of superexploitation.”

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