Over $1 Million In Sales For The 15-Year-Old Entrepreneur Behind Fish Flops

Could she be a future FORBES 400 lister? Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Still, a 15-year-old burgeoning captain of industry from Galveston, Texas named Madison Robinson (or “Maddie,” as she prefers) is on track to make a serious profit in the clothing industry. Robinson’s company, Fish Flops, makes apparel for children and it all began with her designs for flip flops which she’s thinking up herself since coming up with the idea in 2006. Most recently, pitching her wares to retailers, her company has signed a deal with both Macy’s and Nordstrom. You’ve got to hand it to the young lady for knowing to strike while the iron’s hot. Her product line has exploded into an all-out brand, featuring hats, t-shirts, kids books she writes herself and what appears to be an upcoming video game or app that takes place under the sea. Holy hamburgers, this kid’s got moxy!

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