Designers Spruce Up The Government's Crappy PowerPoint

Emiland's Redesign

Introducing PRISM.

Slide 11

Our government wins in espionage, but not in PowerPoint. Luckily for the NSA, there’s the Internet.

After news broke of PRISM, the government’s secret surveillance program, everyone recoiled in horror: first, at the confirmation of our worst fears that our government spies on us, and then at the utterly childish slideshow presentation the NSA used to explain the program to employees. Government officials might have some of the most sophisticated espionage technology around, but when it comes to design, they apparently haven’t advanced beyond PowerPoint 2000. Case in point:

Luckily, a few designers have taken to the internet to offer a corrective. Take a look at these redesigns of the NSA’s slideshow–simple, clear, and visually appealing:

And some examples of another designer’s attempt:

Good work, designers! If only they could redesign the government, too.


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