Sprout Social Surpasses 10,000 Customers

A social media presence is essential in the modern market—almost any market. Whether you’re a nine-year-old lemonade entrepreneur looking to attract more traffic to your sidewalk stand or a politician seeking the highest office in the land, keeping track of your social footprint is a top priority. That reality may be why Sprout Social, a barely three-year-old company from Chicago, has managed to gain so much traction and accrue 10,000 customers. That army of enterprises has included Pepsi, Nokia, McDonald’s, UPS and the 2012 campaign to reelect President Barack Obama. “One of the big challenges that are facing a lot of companies, but particularly the enterprise organizations, is this idea of standardizing their tools and their processes—figuring out how an organization’s social should be distributed, what parts of the company should be involved and to what degree,” said CEO Justyn Howard.

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