Solar Pool Heat Exchanger – 300,000 BTU Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Solar Pool Heat Exchanger – Heat You Pool With Solar Energy!




SOL-SP-300K Pool Heat Exchanger – Stainless Steel




Alpha SP-300K Pool and Hot Tub Heat Exchanger. Featuring high efficiency Heat Transfer Capabilities. Smooth tube and shell design ensures high velocities inside the solar heat exchanger maximizing heat transfer. Ideal for solar applications for Solar Pool Heating, hot tubs, hydronic heating and snow melt applications.


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  • High efficiency,coefficient up to 14000 w/m2 deg C,Heat exchanging capacity 3-7 times traditional equipments.
  • Compact configuration, occupy small area, one tenth as the traditional equipments.
  • Stainless steel and/or titanium, material, endure high temperature, pressure and corruption.
  • Helix screw thread elasticity heat exchange bundle, eliminate the stress.
  • Design flux speed is 5.5m/s, less dirt.
  • ASME standard VIII-1
  • Big flow volume
  • Compactable
  • Easy installation and durable



  • Material: All stainless steel 316L
  • Design Temperature: 208 C (406 F)
  • Heat transfer area : 6.8 square feet
  • Fittings: 2″ pool side | 1 1/2″ solar/boiler side
  • Normal working capacity: 300,000 BTU/hr (88 Kw/hr)
  • Dimensions 3″ x 26.9″



Pool Exchanger Design

solar titanium exchangerspecs on titanium pool heat exchangers

The helical tube bundles are available in both Titanium and 316L Stainless Steel. Stainless steel tube bundles should not be used in applications that involve high levels or sea/saltwater. The Titanium tube bundles are recommended in these cases.   


Operating Specifications for Solar Pool Heat Exchangers


MODEL Normal Capacity Hot Water Cold Water
    Flow Rate Pressure Drop Flow Rate Pressure Drop
  kW* Btu/hr* l/min USGPM kPa Psig l/min USGPM kPa Psig
Stainless Steel Models
Sol SP155K  (.34 M2) 45 155,000 22 5.8 11 1.6 250 66 9 1.3
Sol SP300K  (.65 M2) 88 300,000 30 7.9 28 4.1 300 80 19 2.3
Titanium Models
Sol SP155K-Ti (.34 M2) 45 155,00 22 5.8 11 1.6 250 66 9 1.3
Sol SP300K-Ti (.65 M2) 88 300,000 30 7.9 28 4.1 300 80 19 2.3




  • SP 155K is a smaller solar pool heat exchanger that is typically used in conjunction with an existing pool heater and solar.  This unit will do a good job of maintaining the water temperatures initially supplied by an auxiliary heat source such as a gas heater.  Total Heat exchange surface area is .34 M2 (3.66 ft2)

  • SP 300K is a larger solar pool heat exchanger that can be used with a larger solar system as the primary heat source.  Sizing the pool collectors is important for proper operation of a solar pool heater.  Total Heat exchange surface area is .65 M2 (7 ft2)




    Return Policy


    We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, if you are not, ship it back to us in the original packaging condition and we will refund your purchase less a 10% restocking fee, provided the equipment is received in good condition. Refund offer valid for 30 days from receipt of product.




    We feel that being honest is a much better policy to win your trust rather than trying to lure you with nearly impossible statements such as life time warranty. Nothing lasts forever! Our warranty policy is simple; we offer a 3 year warranty on everything we sell and 10 years on our collectors. With this warranty you will get NO hassle next business day replacement (if shipping service and inventory permits). However, as a valued customer you will get technical support through the life time ownership of your product. Our Collector do carry longer warranties 10 years from the manufacture. The warranty cover failures that occur during normal operational conditions or manufactures defects. It does not cover failure due to inappropriate operation such as freezing or over heat. Damage caused by vandalism, storms, floods etc. Your household insurance should be modified to cover the system from such situations.

    We accept PayPal and Credit card (Visa or Mastercard). If you are ordering multiple units and part, please call us to see if we can save you shipping cost for multiple item orders.


    For complete solar kits please allow 2-3 weeks delivery. These kits are shipped via our preferred freight forwarder company and where possible we will schedule residential tailgate delivery (curbside). Heaters and accessories are usually in stock unless indicated otherwise. We do have expedited shipping services available for an additional fee. Please call us if you need a rush order. Once your order has been shipped you will be contacted via email and a tracking number will be provided.

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