An Audi Roadster Motorcycle Concept, Inspired By The Ducati 848

Audi Motorrad Concept, 1

Thibault Devauze and Marc Devauze

This futuristic, lightweight concept envisions the first motorcycle from Audi.

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Carmaker Audi prompted some head-scratching last year when it purchased Italian motorcycle company Ducati for $1.12 billion. Now, French designers and brothers Thibault Devauze and Marc Devauze have imagined what a four-ringed motorcycle might be like with their new concept Audi Motorrad, based on the Ducati 848.

A Ducati-derived 850cc, L-twin cylinder engine paired with a dual-clutch transmission powers the sleek roadster concept, while a combination of carbon fiber and light alloys make the bike super lightweight. Check out the gallery for more views of this fun, beautiful motorcycle.


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