6 Futuristic Musical Instruments Built In 72 Hours

The Vitruvian

Inspired by DaVinci’s drawing of the Vitruvian Man, Maker Twins created a colorful way to mix your own music.

Lillian Hwang

In this year’s Red Bull Creation challenge, makers built musical instruments in just three days.

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Yesterday six teams of makers built futuristic musical instruments, conceived of and created in just 72 hours for Red Bull’s Creation competition. The DIY competition asked teams to create never-before-seen instruments that could compose and play live music. A third constraint: the general public had to be able to interact with each instrument. All six instruments were on display and available to explore yesterday at the Northside Festival in Brooklyn.

A panel of judges deemed Chicago’s MB Labs the overall winner for a virtually controlled drum set and awarded the Labs $10,000 and a trophy. The “People’s Choice” award, determined by festival-goers, was awarded to Minneapolis’s 1.21 Jigawatts for a device that converts drawings into music. i3 Detroit was voted Team Choice winner for a contraption of musical tubes called Whirly Turbulator. Check out our gallery for more.


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