Agreement reached on chicken import info

chicken Agreement reached on chicken import info

An agreement has been reached between parties involved in a court application for information about a rise in chicken import duty costs, the SA Poultry Association (SAPA) has said.

The Association of Meat Importers and Exporters (Amie) had filed an application against SAPA and the International Trade Administration Commission of SA (Itac) for access to information SAPA had supplied to Itac.

It was expected to bring the application in the High Court in Pretoria today. The matter was, however, settled out of court.

Amie was opposed to increased tariffs, which it feared could be anything up to 82%, from 24%. The organisation was concerned that higher import duties would make prices higher for consumers, whose only source of protein, in many cases, was chicken.

It warned the move could cause job losses among the 15 000 people who cut, repackaged and distributed the imported chicken.

SAPA CEO Kevin Lovell said as part of the agreement the Itac undertook to provide an update of the PricewaterhouseCoopers’ report. It contained information the producers used to determine the tariffs.

“[Itac also] has to provide a non-confidential [verification] report by close of business today,” he said.

Once Itac released the reports Amie had until June 26 to give a supplementary written response. SAPA then had six days to give a written response to Itac on Amie’s submissions, said Lovell.

Announcing the planned court action earlier this month, Amie said the information might shed light on future chicken import duty costs.

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