PV*SOL® advanced

The Dynamic Simulation Program for the Design and Calculation of Grid Connected Systems. With PV*SOL® advanced you can now calculate self-consumption even more precisely, because it is as yet the only version that is able to simulate storage systems.

The program has been developed for engineers, planners, roofing specialists and electrical engineering or building technicians.

Design of Grid Connected Systems with Battery Storage

With PV*SOL® advanced you can now calculate self-consumption even more precisely, because it is as yet the only version that is able to simulate storage systems. 

Module Inverter Configuration

The automatic configuration is able to deliver within seconds all the meaningful inverter combinations for a PV system with a maximum of 100 000 modules. You can also simulate systems by the minute with any number of module arrays in different orientations. You have the possibility of selecting multiple system inverters and combining them with other inverters – even if they are equipped with different MPP trackers.

Component Database

In the extensive module and inverter database you will currently find around 12,000 modules and 2,700 inverters that are constantly updated and extended by the automatic update function.

The data is entered by the manufacturers themselves, and we check it and make it regularly available to you, so that you are always up to date.

You can optimize the access to the databases by adding favorites and combining columns.


Climate Data Generator MeteoSyn

MeteoSyn‘s climate database includes over 8,000 data records worldwide, based on Meteonorm 7.0 for the period 1986-2005. You can conveniently select the climate data from an interactive map, or you can select the location from a list. You can also generate new climate data by interpolation from existing data or from your own monthly average values. The climate data record used for your design is saved in the project.

Photodimensioning with Photo Plan

The integrated photo dimensioning programme Photo Plan is a visualization tool to quickly and easily create your customer’s roof. With a photo and a reference dimension, the roof and the planned PV system can be presented photorealistically. The program can also determine all essential roof dimensions. You only need a few minutes to create your customer’s roof with its very own PV system, according to your customer’s wishes. Photo Plan is therefore a great tool to help home owners make the right decision!

Detailed Circuit Diagram

On the circuit diagram page, you can see a representation of your PV system with standardized circuit symbols, e.g. for registration with the energy provider. The circuit diagram can be exported in DXF format.


Dimensioning of all AC and DC cabling

To deliver genuine results, the program calculates both the string cable losses as well as the AC and DC cable losses per inverter.

On the cables page, you can enter cable lengths and cross sections, and let the program calculate the resulting total loss from the array output (under STC conditions).

In addition you can dimension the electrical protective devices and the DC topology via various distributors.

During a pre-planning phase, you can enter the total loss (under STC conditions).



PV*SOL® advanced runs a yield simulation on the basis of the values entered. This is based on a mathematical model which enables exact reproduction of the characteristic curve for every PV module contained in the database. You can also use it to precisely calculate yields from thin-film modules. Various types and orientations of modules in a PV system are taken into account by pooling module groups as photovoltaic partial generators.

Economic Efficiency Calculation

In PV*SOL® advanced, you can enter detailed costs for modules, inverters, and mounting. Loans take into account discounts, amortization, and tax payments, as well as the month a system is started up. The EU’s varying remuneration for systems up to 30 kW and above, the graded rates for systems on roofs, on building facades, and in open areas are already integrated and can be modified where required. On the basis of VDI guideline 2067, PV*SOL® advanced calculates electricity generation costs and the pay-back time in addition to the capital value.

The user also has the option to

  • enter annual depreciation
  • draw up annual expenses by entering individual items with statements on varying useful life
  • use tariffs for Germany and Spain as predefined files
  • set up further tariffs
  • print out the results with a range of graphs and tables


Clear Presentation of Results with Yield and Consumption Diagram

The detailed results overview contains a presentation of the simulation results. The detailed financial analysis includes a cash-flow table and detailed energy balances with all the profit and loss figures. All simulation results can be exported to Excel in hourly resolution.


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