PV*SOL® Expert

Advanced design and simulation tool, including 3D visualization and detailed 3D shading analysis. Powerful, highly accurate and easy to use.

The Dynamic Simulation Program with 3D Visualization and Detailed Shade Analysis for PV Systems




A crucial factor in calculating the yield of a PV system is the ability to give a true representation of the shade caused by buildings and other objects in the vicinity. The new PV*SOL® Expert now makes it possible to carry out a 3D visualization of PV systems with shade calculation based on 3D objects. The program calculates the frequency distribution of the shade onto the roof area caused by the objects entered in the program. The results are shown in a graph. This makes it possible to reach a preliminary decision about the roof area to be covered. The visualization in 3D mode provides the user with vital information on the course of shade over a period of a day or a year. 
The program is clearly divided into a number of design steps making the software particularly user-friendly. 

Modeling of PV Area and Vicinity

A PV array building is selected from the common building types available and this is sized as required. It is possible to model the available roof area with millimeter precision by entering measurements for the roof overhang and restricted areas. Users can position and size objects causing shade in the vicinity, such as neighboring buildings, trees and simple objects (walls, masts, etc.). It is also possible to model objects in the distance as a horizon line. 

Restricted Areas and Objects Causing Shade on the Roof

After the user has completed the dimensioning of the PV array building, the next step is to position and scale objects on the roof, such as windows and restricted areas, which can be variably scaled, as well as objects causing shade, e.g. chimneys and dormer windows. 

PV Module Coverage

The remaining areas can then be automatically covered with the maximum possible number of the modules selected. The user can also cover the roof manually, if preferred. The annual irradiation reduction for any part of the PV area and for each module can be shown whenever required to help the user decide whether it would be better to remove any of the modules. 

Optimizing Module Configuration

The modules selected by the user are then configured together with the inverters. The program automatically configures the individual strings, but the user is able to optimize the allocation depending on the shading situation. 

Yield Simulation

PV*SOL® Expert now carries out a yield simulation taking account of the influence of the bypass diodes and the partial shading of each module. 

Shade Animation

A wide range of animation tools are available to the user when working with the software, so that each shade scenario can be visualized at any point in time. 

Photo Plan – the next generation in site inspection and sales tools

A picture is worth a thousand words … now you can transport your customers up to their array or rooftop!

Do you have a photo of your customer’s roof? With Photo Plan, the integrated photo dimensioning program, it is possible to automatically measure the roof dimensions, obstructions and pitch, layout the array and then realistically project the modules back onto the building photo. In this way you can now give your customers a look into the future and allow them to see the PV system on their roof.

Overview of Program Features


  • Simulation of shading in 10 minute intervals
  • Yield simulation takes account of the precise shading ratio for each module 
  • Easy to use configuration of modules with inverters 
  • Automatic and manual PV module roof coverage, taking account of restricted areas 
  • Animated visualization of the course of shade for any point in time 
  • Visualization of annual irradiation reduction for each point of the PV area 
  • Optimization of PV module coverage and configuration corresponding to the shading situation PV*SOL® Expert is delivered in a multilingual version in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.


View detailed list comparing PV*SOL® Pro and PV*SOL® Expert features



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