New Scaffolding Innovation Released in Southern Africa

Monkey Tower™ is a brand new product developed by a Phd Nasa engineer Alan Watt and is available for the first time on Southern Africa exclusively through Boom Access Platforms (a Division of Audentia Commodities (pty) Ltd). Monkey Tower™ produce safe, fast and easy to use access platforms.

Alan was working on a phd in deployable structures at Cambridge University. Alan’s phd was in developing new concepts for unfolding structures for satellites, this involved making satellite dishes, solar panels etc small enough to fit inside the tight constraints of the launch vehicle envelope. Additional constraints involved substances that can’t be uses in space, like oil or grease (it just disappears in a vacuum) and it is best to avoid motors as power is severely limited before the solar panels are deployed. Alan worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratories of NASA in Pasadena California for part of this Phd. Towards the end of the phd he entered a business plan competition with the idea of the Monkey Tower (although by a different name then) and won about £20k in funding with further funding coming from the UK government.

There’s a lot that makes this equipment unique, besides that it can be set-up by a single person in 5 minutes, it can be towed behind any vehicle, it’s safe because safety latches automatically lock ladders in place, and toeboards and handrails are permanent fixtures so they can’t be forgotten. It’s human-powered so there are no batteries to die or diesel to refill as with with Cherry Pickers or scissor lifts. It can fit through a single door, and its lightweight at only 380kgs it won’t damage floors. The Monkey Tower™ can take a safe load of up to 250kg, meaning two people can work on the platform at any one time. The Monkey Tower™ Mini can take a 150kg load and at 90kg’s can easily fit into the back of a van or on the back of a bakkie.

The Monkey Tower™ is firstly a time saver, being erected in less than 5 minutes, while the Monkey Tower™ mini can be erected in less than 60 seconds. Secondly, the Monkey Tower™ is a labour saver. Both the Monkey Tower™, and the Monkey Tower™ Mini can easily be erected by a single person. Thirdly, the monkey is very safe to use, meeting European health and safety regulations, the Monkey Tower™ will provide increased safety for labourers. Fourthly, the monkey towers are manually operated, saving the user from the hassle of having to charge or refill their hydraulic access equipment. Finally, the monkey towers are very light, making them easily manoeuvrable and protecting floors from the damage of heavy scissor lifts.

The Monkey Tower ™ has a maximum platform height of 4.5 metres, with an optional additional metre taking it to 5.5 metres (a working height of 6.5/7.5 metres). The Monkey Tower™ Mini has a maximum platform height 1.9metres with a working height of 3.9 metres.

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