The Week In Numbers: A Billion-Pixel Panorama Of Mars, The First Four-Quark Particle, And More

Preview of Mars panorama, snapped by Mars rover Curiosity


1.3 billion: the number of pixels in this new panorama of Mars, taken by the Curiosity rover (go explore the red planet!)

-321 degrees Fahrenheit: the boiling point of liquid nitrogen, which is a terrible thing to pour in a swimming pool full of people

1890: the year wiretapping began in the U.S.

34 stories: the planned height for the world’s tallest wood skyscraper, set to go up in Stockholm by 2023

40 milligrams: the weight of a backpack for dragonflies created by neuroscientists at Howard Hughes Medical Institute (no, really)

$2,000: the price of this new voice-controlled motorcycle helmet with a head-up display

4: the number of quarks in a particle that recently popped up in a Japanese collider (yep, that’s right-physicists discovered the first known four-quark particle!)

11.2 billion: the number of parameters in the world’s largest artificial neural network, built by Stanford University researchers (a real human brain has 100 trillion connections)


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