Nigeria leads African banking sector

International software company, Axe Finance, has described Nigeria as Africa’s leading IT innovative country in the banking sector with modern infrastructure and a robust customer base.

In a chat with Vanguard at a workshop organised for financial institutions in Lagos, Senior Manager, Axe Finance, Mr. Dhafer Berrachid, however, stressed that there was need to continue to improve on the infrastructure for global competitiveness.

He said: “Nigeria is a leading country in the banking sector in Africa. The banks are very mature in terms of IT equipment and there is a strong will to continue to improve the infrastructure and the process for the international market.”

Berrachid explained that the workshop was to present his company’s integrated solution, which according to him, supports financial institutions all over the world through an innovative approach by automating their credit and risk management processes.

The IT expert said: “Basically, we are in Nigeria to present our company, our partners, our solution and to have a testimonial and return on experience of our current customers.

“We have a lot of banks looking at our solutions and we want to bring everybody together to exchange views and have live reactions about the solution.”

He further explained that the solution was designed to help financial institutions improve their revenues, streamline and automate their processes and enable them to better assess the risk and improve efficiency of their operations.

He said: “Axe Credit Portal is the solution to more effectively manage your credit life cycle, to optimise firm-wide credit and risk processes and to enable better informed credit origination and risk management decisions.”


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