How your savings can grow with AccessSave

AccessSave is about helping people achieve goals, like uniforms and school fees for your kids, or a new fridge or microwave. Getting what you want becomes easy when saving becomes a habit. It also helps you avoid the stress of when unexpected expense come up, like household repairs or your child needing to go on a school trip, and gives you something to fall back on.

By depositing regularly into your AccessSave account, your money will grow steadily and the bank will add interest to help you on your way.

You can also set a saving target, for example saying you want to have R2000 in three months time. If you reach this goal, the bank will reward you with bonus interest.

Here’s a table to highlight just how your savings will grow in Standard Bank AccessSave account. It is important that you make regular monthly payments and leave the money in the bank account to grow:

Using the table above, you could set a target to save R150 in three months for school expenses, by saving R50 every month. When you reach this target, you will get your normal monthly interest on your savings and the bank will reward you with an extra 1% bonus interest for achieving your target.

The AccessSave account can be opened at any branch. Standard Bank also has over 1 000 AccessAgents in communities around the country that can open an account in just ten minutes.

It is also easy to deposit and withdraw money. Over and above the footprint of branches and ATMs across the country, Standard Bank AccessPoints can also be found in over 6 000 spaza shops nationwide. You can use the normal payment systems in these shops to put money into your account and check your balance for free.

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