Madiba of Vintage

A close friend of Nelson Mandela, Mr Ahmed Kathrada speaks fond of Mandela. He calls him ‘Madiba of Vintage,’ during his chart with Ian Jindela. 83 years old Kathra who was once in Prison with Madiba believes President brings the best and the worst but Mandela is the best President. Mandela could easily relate to everybody from the smallest child to the eldest.

He remembers how Mandela deems in serving Leadership. He recalls Madiba saying, “We are no longer leaders we are ordinary prisoners.” Robben Island memories shared in history of South Africa. During imprisonment, the humble Madiba was given a special offer, to wear long pants and access to bread, only Indians were allowed. Madiba declines the offer, which did not include other black prisoners. 10 years later, inside Robben Island, Madiba relished at his first loaf of bread after a go-slow strike. “Madiba was a well-behaved black prisoner. In 1977 Mandela was offered to be released, but he refused.” Recalls Ahmed Kathradha.

Mandela served the nation for 8 years out of his 95 years. Meanwhile Madiba remains under a serious doctors observation, in life support at the State Hospital in Pretoria South Africa. Makaziwe Mandela-daughter of Nelson Mandela confirms “ But I think that for us, as his children and grandchildren, we still have this hope because when we talk to him, he’d flutter trying to open his eyes.”

“I cancelled my visit to Mozambique today so that I could see him and confer with the doctors. He is much better today than he was when I saw him last night. The medical team continues to do a sterling job. We must pray for Tata’s health and wish him well. We must also continue with our work and daily activities while Madiba remains hospitalized, ’’ President Zuma said on Wednesday 27 June 2013.

Yesterday some of the Madiba family members took time and appeared out of the hospital to accept heartfelt letters, flowers and cards with messages. Last night outside the hospital people gathered for a night Virgil, praying for Mandela’s long health. No one knows the exact status of Madiba, at the moment. South Africans remain at alert. The Presidency appeals for respect for the privacy and dignity of the former President.

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