Microsoft's Marketing Needs A Hard Reboot; It's Time To Ctrl-Alt-Del Steve Ballmer

How many fiascoes does one guy get? That’s the question Microsoft’s board should be asking in the aftermath of its Build developer conference, which just ended in San Francisco. In the span of less than two years, Microsoft has launched Windows Phone to indifference, the Surface tablet to near invisibility, Windows 8 to confusion and the Xbox One to nothing short of fury. While it’s too soon to give up on any of the four — and indeed a safe bet that at least some success will come around Windows and Xbox — it’s time for Microsoft to come to grips with a salient reality: It has become flat out terrible at marketing. Not just the consumer-facing part of marketing like advertising and pricing (although the video below is a pretty awful collection of meaningless feature and half-truths), but the decision-making that leads to product choices about what gets built in the first place, about what the company prioritizes.

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