Dr Sam Motsuenyane’s story is a walk in the genesis of greatness

Dr Sam Motsuenyane, is a self made entrepreneur.

He is also one of South Africa’s most distinguished business, political and socio-economic leaders.

Samuel Mokhethi Motsuenyane, also nicknamed ‘Sam’ was born on the 11th of February 1927 in Potchefstroom, South Africa.

From his humble beginnings in a village in the North West Province to the higher echelons of black business, his life story is indeed an uplifting and Inspirational account of one man’s dream to succeed despite severe political and socio-economic obstacles.

A son of farm workers, Dr. Motsuenyane’s achievements were set before the dawn of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and reflects how with pure grit and grace, combined with determination and hope, it is possible to achieve greatness and success, related sources can attest.

He participated in the formation of the National African Federated Chamber of Commerce 1964. Dr Motsuenyane led NAFCOC as its President for 24 years.

Motsuenyane was also the first African to feature on US/SA Leadership Exchange Programme in 1959.

He was the founding chairman of the African Bank, served the constituency of Brits as a member of parliament and led the House of Senate before his appointment as South Africa’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States in 1996.

Dr. Motsuenyane was also appointed by former President Nelson Mandela to head the Motsuenyane Commission of Enquiry into human rights abuses in African National Congress (ANC) camps in exile.

In addition, the Dr. Sam Motsuenyane Rural Development Foundation is an initiative to remember and preserve the legacy of Dr Sam Motsuenyane of serving South Africans with commitment and distinction in his life time.

Furthermore, the Foundation was created and designed to address the needs and challenges which presently impede the development of rural communities in South Africa, more especially in the agricultural sector.

Dr Motsuenyane is also well known for his lifetime of service to South Africans – not only in business, but in politics and socio-economic development.

Although he is an elder-citizen, he continues to work tirelessly for the benefit of others.

His latest work has been largely unseen to date. Yet he has established roots that are deep and strong in three agricultural projects spanning Gauteng, North West and Mpumalanga Provinces.

Already the fruits of his endeavours can be seen and are benefiting rural communities of these Provinces where they are located.

Moreover, the Dr Sam Motsuenyane Rural Development Foundation is a seed that is confidently growing to address the needs and challenges that presently impede the development of rural communities in South Africa, with particular emphasis on the agricultural sector.

Other positions he holds include the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Director of Allianz Insurance Co, Accounting, Banking and Finance, Chair of NAFCOC Permanent (Pty) Ltd, Government, Public Administration and Defence, Director of Masekela-Mavimbela Scholarship Fund.

Currently, he is a Project Leader at Winterveld Citrus Farming Project.

His also Chair of Venda National Development Corp, Director of Electrode Maatskappy SA, in the Mining, Energy and Natural Resources, Chair of African Business Publications (Pty) Ltd, in the Publishing, Printing and Print Media industry, Director of Blackchain Ltd, Chair of African Business Holdings (Pty) Ltd under Accounting, Banking and Finance, Director of Nafcoc National Trust, Vice-Chair of New African Investments, Director of Small Business Development Corp, Director of Barlow Rand Limited.

Other groups include Director of First National Bank, Director of Independent Development Trust, Chair of Job Creation (Pty) Ltd, Director of African Development & Construction Holdings Ltd and Social Development and Community Services, Building, Construction and Engineering, Director of Transnet, Transportation and Logistics, Director of Nafcoc National Development Corp, Social Development and Community Services.

And Previous positions were Leader of Multi-Sectorial Observer Mission to Presidential Elections Zimbabwe 2002 – 2002, falling under the Government, Public Administration and Defence sectors. A South African Ambassador in the South African Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Oman & Bahrain  1996 – 2000 also under Government, Public Administration and Defence. And Senator & Leader in Senate, SA Government 1994 – 1996

Dr. Motsuenyane’s Educational history invloves, University of North Carolina, United States of America Bachelor of Science, Diploma in Social Science North-West University, Honorary Doctor of CommerceUniversity  of the Witwatersrand Awarded in 1983, Honorary Doctor of Commerce University of Cape Town Awarded in 1986, Honorary Doctor of Economics.

His Achievements & Awards include Business Development Award by the Black Management Forum, Order of the Baobab by the South African Government, Frans du Toit Medal for Business Leadership by the SA Academy for Arts & Science, the Star Business Leadership Award, Sunday Times Top Business Award, Harvard Business Club Award, Sowetan Business Award, Paul Harris Award by the Rotary International, Merit Award by the Business Challenge Organisation, Award of Shiloh by the Pentecostal Presbytarian Church of SA, Numerous Awards | NAFCOC
Regional Chambers, Nedaraja Award by the Asian Community and Silver Springbok Award by SA Scouting.

On Community Activities he has been involved with The African Bank of SA Trustee, Boy Scouts of SA Pres, 1977 – 1989, African National Soil Conservation Assoc Organising Sec, 1953 – 1953, Urban Found Trustee.

He also found the Dr Sam Motsuenyane Comprehencive School, a Secondary School  specialising in Comprehensive fields. The schools is based in Winterveldt, Gauteng, South Africa.

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