Fare thee well Chindori-Chininga


EDITOR — Many thanks for your obituary on the late Edward Chindori-Chininga. CHINDORI-CHININGA1For some of us and indeed the majority of Zimbabweans who are neither ZANU-PF nor MDC this gentleman personified everything a people’s representative should be like. He was a model Member of Parliament. He was humble, accessible but became gritty steel in the pursuit of objectives close to the people’s hearts like the issue of Chiadzwa diamonds. So much dust is in the air presently as regard what was really happening there and all we get is political point-scoring but he had dedicated himself to clearing this dust so that all of us would be able to see what was going on there. To date, people still do not have a clue of what happened, is happening and will happen at the diamonds fields except that the place has the ugliest name in the land when it should have a sparkling one given this is the home of the country’s diamonds. There is too much point-scoring and obfuscation to really know what is the score there. Slander and other ugliness have also visited this Eldorado, which for better or worse should be improving the welfare, if not for all of Zimbabwe but just for the communities around the mines. The community should benefit big time and this benefit should be visible. A couple of years back the CAMPFIRE conservation programme did wonders for the communities it operated in and the same happened with cotton in Gokwe and Sanyati. Let the communities on the ground benefit first and then it will be easy for the benefits to cascade all over the land. So let’s see some real benefit accruing in a transparent manner to the communities around them. Chindori-Chininga joins a few of those rare MPs who died in the trenches doing what is expected of a legislator. He should travel into the next life happy that he performed the task he was elected to do very well. In fact, he was a shining star in the dark world our politics has become. People who mourn him everywhere agree with what you said, ‘a mountain has indeed fallen’. Not just a mountain but our great mountain.

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