It’s the politics stupid!

EDITOR — Your Question and Answer with Confederation of Zimbabwe Ind-ustries’ outgoing president Kumbirai Ka-tsande in one of your previous editions cannot go unchallenged. The problem in reviving our manufacturing industry is that those with the capacity to do manufacturing are being threatened by government hence they are just watching the situation from the sidelines.
Without foreign direct investment our manufacturing sector will grow very slowly. Looking at South Africa’s motor industry, almost every car model is assembled there because their government has allowed businesses to thrive.
Here in Zimbabwe, the government has poisoned our economic environment by making it not ideal for anybody to resuscitate industry.
Once we do away with political hooligans masquerading as people fighting for equitable distribution of wealth, it would be very easy to revive our manufacturing sector.
With these so-called liberators-turned hooligans we will go nowhere.


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