Malala Yousafzai, South African teen in UN Youth Assembly


NATIONAL: (Tony Selvester)– Pakistan teen icon Malala Yousafzai and South African 16-year-old girl from Manenberg on the Cape Flats will  represent Youth Assembly at the United Nations in New York this week. Malala, was shot by the Taliban last year after being outspoken about education for girls,  will address  youth assembly who .

Cherlene Thomasso calls Manenberg home, an area notorious for drug abuse and gangsterism. Regular shoot outs make going to and coming from school often life threatening.

Despite this, she is an A student who loves maths and science, and dreams of becoming a surgeon. “Education is the key, the key to my freedom and changing my circumstances and in our community people sometimes think it’s hard… but I really believe if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything you want,” says 16-year-old Thomasso.

Her school is in partnership with an American school and as a result Thomasso was selected by her school to travel to New York. She will interact with children from around the world and will talk about the importance of education in her community. Her parents are a little nervous, but glad for the opportunity, “I’m very proud because she works very hard,” says Thomasso’s mother, Avril Thomasso.
Thomasso leaves for Washington DC on Monday afternoon before traveling to New York on Wednesday.


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