Reasons to love His highest Highness

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Most stoners I know try to keep it relatively tidy. Spark up, but try to keep out of the eyes, as it were. Do your thing, but don’t give the Babylon a reason to hassle you.

Not so South Africa’s best-known stoner, iNkosi Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo. His highness seems to like the limelight, as it were. Why else insist on smoking in the lounge when government delegations pop in to the palace?

Or comparing your love of the holy herb with the Commander in Chief’s alleged taste for Other People’s Money? Or trying to get Mandla Mandela fired? Or joining Zeelah’s mob, just to piss the CiC off.

That’s not the way to carry on if you want to avoid getting busted.

The thing with his highness and Zeelah is gonna be a laugh. I can picture him offering Helen an eight-inch spliff of his finest mpondo when she comes to visit. Will she inhale? If she does, she’ll definitely dance better.

If they gel, guess who’s gonna be the most popular guy at the DA congress afterparties? And at the team-building exercises in the mountains. It could be embarrassing when he comes to visit in Kakastad though.

I doubt His Highness will last that long. If recent history is anything to go by, Buyelekhaya is gonna end up getting a visit from the Babylon pretty soon.

Generally, people who mess about with the CiC tend to end up with legal problems. Big ones. Ask the Jelly Tsotsi. And he didn’t even run around in public smoking copious amounts of weapons-grade marijuana.

Inkosi must be off his face. My money is on the drug squad hitting His Highness and his royal stash in the not very distant future. If he beats the pending culpable homicide charge.

Truth is, His Highness’s interventions aren’t that unwelcome. I could be doing with a laugh. It’s off season. A time of great sadness and pain. And sobriety.

With an eternity to go before the first football is kicked in earnest, any form of entertainment will do.

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