100 World Class South Africans: Trevor Manuel

trevor manuel 100 World Class South Africans: Trevor Manuel

The man with the plan

Our former Finance Minister – the longest serving in the world, 13 years – who ushered our fledgling democracy into the global economy, has a new ‘grand plan’.

Heading up the National Planning Commission, Trevor Manuel has been tasked with, basically, creating the country of everyone’s dreams by 2030.

Apart from integrity and wisdom, Manuel’s diverse experience makes him the best choice for the job.

As an anti-apartheid activist, he was involved in everything from housing and boycotts to literacy and legal aid, was detained several times and co-founded the United Democratic Movement.

In 1994 he was named the World Economic Forum’s Global Leader for Tomorrow and has gone on to serve on committees for the IMF, International Green Fund, World Bank and UN, among others. All this with no formal training in economics.

Manuel has been consistently wooed by other countries and multinationals but he’s stayed put, where he can be of service. His Mitchells Plain Education Forum, started in 2010, has 52 projects on the go.

In December last year, he resigned from the ANC’s inner circle to make space for a new generation, with the sage words: ‘Some of us have been around the block and must mentor another layer of leadership.’

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