King Dalindyebo slams Zuma, ‘the liar who doesn’t use condoms’

Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo King Dalindyebo slams Zuma, ‘the liar who doesn’t use condoms’

Controversial abaThembu king Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo has again lashed out at President Jacob Zuma, calling him a “liar who doesn’t use condoms”.

The self-confessed dagga-smoking Dalindyebo was addressing the media outside the Union Buildings in Pretoria where he and other Thembu royals delivered a petition of grievances about Zuma’s alleged attempts to oust Dalindyebo as king.

Dalindyebo arrived almost three hours later than expected.

Melisizwe Bleki, the director of the presidency’s office of public liaison and the Presidential Hotline, accepted the petition but did not make any comments.

Dalindyebo arrived on foot, accompanied by other members of the Thembu royal house, and later told the media that he had refused to meet with Zuma when the president asked for a meeting through Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

He said the petition was “a response to the president’s orders to (former cooperative governance and traditional affairs) minister Richard Baloyi, which intended to flush me out of kingship indiscriminately. So abaThembu have had a meeting and they have formulated a response to that.”

Zuma axed Baloyi from his Cabinet yesterday.

The king said Zuma’s axing of ministers in the reshuffle was an example of how Zuma “flushes people like condoms”.

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“We’re simply telling him (Zuma) to go back to Nkandla and keep his Nkandla to himself and leave the AbaThembu kingdom alone. We need no interference,” said Dalindyebo.

He said the breakdown in relations between the AbaThembu and Zuma was “because he flushes people like condoms. You know, like yesterday.

What makes him think he can flush kings? He also flushes his own ministers like condoms.

“Unfortunately I would say the president has a habit of not condomising. We do not like people with that kind of attitude. His behaviour is indeed a shower mentality.”

He labelled Zuma a liar and said if Zuma were to respond to the petition it should be a “practical” one.

“I am expecting a practical response. He may not even write to me because he usually lies. If he can, he must just do as we please and as we have asked him to. We’ve asked him to come to the Great Place (Dalindyebo’s Eastern Cape palace) to come and confirm his action,” said the king.

If Zuma did not respond as required then “we’ve broken all relationships with the president”, he said.

“He must tell AbaThembu about his intentions and abaThembu need to tell him and direct him to his rightful place. He is just a counsellor, I cannot be ordered to come to his office, he must come to my office. I am king unto him, he’s just a Zulu boy,” said Dalindyebo who accused Zuma of respecting Zulu king Goodwill Zwelithini more than the abaThembu clan.

He said his “dream” was for the abaThembu kingdom to secede from South Africa, a move that would make the AbaThembu kingdom an independent state.

“We’re definitely parting ways from government control. We do not want to be controlled by a state that is not credible. So we want the state to put its hands off the kingdom. That’s where we get a lot of problems. That’s where we get a lot of lumpens that don’t respect the traditional institution.

“We have reported and spoken to the president a number of times. He has never done anything positive to bring the situation to order,” said the king.

He said Zuma was to blame for the breakdown in relations.

“We’ve never really had good relations but there were not as bad as they are. He’s been promising, he’s been to my place I don’t know how many times. We speak to him in confidence and he has never responded to anything. There is nothing we can say about the president after today.”

Dalindyebo said he referred to Zuma as a Zulu boy “because he sends his clowns to humiliate me in public. This is why I respond to him in this nature. He behaves like a Zulu boy. He does declare himself 100 percent Zulu boy. So it is his own landmark (sic).”

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