Russian Railways Logistics Board of Directors Appoints a New Chairman

ABOUT Russian Railways Logistics

JSC Russian Railways Logistics was founded in 2010 for the purpose of development of logistics business within “Russian Railways” Holding. In cooperation with Russian Railways subsidiaries and leading global transportation companies RZD logistics offers high-quality delivery solutions for its customers all over the world.

In 2012 the company organized transportation of 3.3 mn tons of cargo against 1.5 mn tons in 2011. Net profit of the company of amounted to RUB97.2 mn in 2011.

Russian Railways Logistics offers rail, road and sea-freight, intermodal transportation, storage and terminal handling, customs and insurance services, supply chain management.


Moscow, July 10, 2013 –The new Chairman was appointed during the meeting of the Board of Directors of RZD Logistics on July 5. For the second year in a row Petr Baskakov, CEO of JSC TransContainer, became a Chairman of the Board.

Ahead of the meeting of the Board of Directors the following members of the Board of RZDL were appointed at the annual general meeting of shareholders held on June 27:

•Gennadiy Bessonov, Secretary General, International Association Coordinating Council on Transsiberian Transportation

•Petr Baskakov, CEO, TransContainer

•Ruslan Valeev, Deputy Head of the subsidiaries and affiliates department, Russian Railways

•Valeriy Veremeev, Advisor to the President, Russian Railways

•Elena Kunaeva, CEO of Corporate Transportation Service Center, Russian Railways

•Aleksandr Ananyev, Head of Economics division of Budgeting and Planning department, Russian Railways

•Aleksey Kamenobrodskiy, Head of Center of Business Process Management, Russian Railways

•Aleksandr Petrov, Advisor to CEO, Transles Ltd.

•Pavel Sokolov, CEO, Russian Railways Logistics

Moreover, the annual general meeting of shareholders of RZDL approved the annual report and annual financial statement based on Russian accounting standards for the year of 2012 including profit and loss statement and announced Ernst & Young as a new auditor.

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