E-commerce Penetrates The Egyptian Market

The e-commerce industry has come a long shot during the past years; it has attracted millions of dollars from international and local businessmen and investors who are keen on exploiting the potentials of the Egyptian market. The industry that is defined as the purchasing and selling of services and goods online, have been the source of jobs for many Egyptians who have found a chance make a living from working for online shopping websites. In order to understand more about e-commerce and its potentials in a country like Egypt we interviewed Mattia Perroni, Manager Director of Jumia Egypt; a well-known e-commerce website in the country.

The first question was about the company’s future strategy in Egypt and the North African region and his answer was plain and simple; Jumia Egypt wants to be the no.1 online shopping center in Africa. They will achieve that target by offering products that their customers want at the right price with the top costumer experience.

Furthermore, we asked Mr. Perroni about that last events and how it have affected the sales and growth rate of the website. He admitted that he was a bit scared of the political situation; however what happened was the exact opposite the sales have increased due to the fact that Egyptians were scared to go out during those tense days so they decided to shop online. Jumia Egypt logistics department never stopped working for one day and they continued to deliver products all over Egypt with the required hard work and commitment.

About the Holy month of Ramadan Perroni promises that there will be special offers and vouchers for all the family. Also, to get into the spirit of Ramadan Jumia Egypt is planning a significant charity activity with one of the most reliable Non-profit organization in the country. In addition, Mr. Perroni has unveiled a very confidential project which is launching a game app which will let people win exclusive prized. The game is expected to reach 100.00 download in the first two weeks.

When asked about the future of e-marketing in Egypt Mr. Perroni says that looking at the data about e-marketing in Egypt (+50% last year) it is clear that the country is going digital more and more. He adds that the main difference between network marketing and Jumia’s model is that they do not pay anybody to incentivize the customer; they only spend money to show the website to as many people as possible. Once a user lands on Jumia, he is just a visitor who will discover how innovative and reliable our service is. It is their choice to buy or not.

Moreover, Mr. Perroni says that he is very optimistic about the e-commerce market in the Middle East and when asked about the most promising markets in the region he says that Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Emirates are the markets that give the best results for Rocket Ventures. He also expects that these markets will keep growing at a higher rate in the next 3-4 years.

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